Prabhas Saaho Movie Leaked on Tamilrockers? Should you download and is it safe and legal?

Saaho the mega-budget movie starring the Baahubali of Bollywood Prabhas has been in news since last two years. The first teaser look of Saaho was released with the movie Baahubali-2 in April 2017. The teaser was mind-blowing, Thus the fan of Prabhas started waiting for the movie. Saaho movie was said to be released in 2018. The release date of this movie got postponed several time and it was shifted to be released in 2019.

Finally, the waiting time of Saaho movie was over and the trailer was released in July 2019. Saaho Trailer mentioned the released date of 15th August 2019, that is on the day of Independence of India. But due to several other problems again released date of the movie was postponed to 30th August 2019.

Can you imagine the craze of this movie the fans had? Everyone was waiting for this movie to see their favorite star Prabhas as Saaho. Not only Fans were waiting for this movie, but the Baahubali star has also not signed any movie nor was working with any other project during the last 3 years.

Is Saaho movie leaked by tamilrockers?
Is Saaho movie leaked by tamilrockers?

So is Tamilrocker Leaked Saaho movie?

Let me be very frank, no matter saaho is leaked or not, it will be one of the greatest movies of this year and will definitely be the top-grossing movie of the year. Saaho has carried enormous craze with itself. Even if the story is not that powerful ( which will definitely not be the case), the craze is enough to make it earn huge in theaters.

Tamilrockers is a notorious piracy website which leaks latest movies early before any other torrent or pirated site releases it. Tamil rockers have earlier only shown Saaho in the coming soon section of their movies download. Tamilrockers is involved in the leaking of several other movies too. Saaho will not be its first victim nor the last one.

The movies that Tamilrockers releases on their site are copyrighted movies and they don’t take proper licenses and approval of the producers or But the owner of Tamilrockers should think over their action.

You might also come across several post and messages on the website, Facebook, Whatsapp, telegram with the downloading link of Saaho movie. You might think how is it possible to leak the best movie on the date of its release? But what I think is that before clicking on any such link you should ask you inner concise mind whether your simple act of downloading a pirated movie is ethically right or wrong.

If we start downloading such pirated movies, the website like tamilrockers will keep coming in the future. If you have downloaded a movie from tamilrockers you have commited an illegal work. This might be a small crime or some may consider it as legal, but you should ask yourself how much hard work and dedication these stars and moviemakers give in tom make these movies. So before you finger click downloading links of any movies your heart and mind should revolt and your finger will stop.

Is it Safe to download Saaho from Tamilrockers

So legally speaking tamilrockers is a total scam and illegal and pirated site. As far as possible one should avoid such site and should never visit them to be safe and secure. You are downloading a pirated movie, means you are disrespecting your favorite actor or producers who had given all their hard work to make the movie possible. And if the stars and producers are not earning from their movies they will also get demotivated and will not make good films. Thus the overall quality of movies will deteriorate and your entertainment will also be in danger.

Downloading movies from tamilrockers or any other pirated site is totally banned in India. As far as possible you should curtail yourself from such sites as it can land you in jail and also impose a hefty fine upon you.

Piracy should be stopped

Such sites always keep your ethics in question. some of the below incidences reminds me of a Hindi saying that “Kathni aur Karni me Antar hona” (Difference in your preaching and your action).

You may be a teacher who teaches your student about ethics and good behavior and also you download pirated movies. How can a teacher who talks about good behavior and ethics ever download and watch pirated movies? There is this difference in kathni and karni. This keeps the student from developing such habits as the teacher itself doesn’t possess such qualities as they expect their student to develop.

We think that how piracy of movies is increasing, but we forget while downloading movies that it is we who are motivating such act of piracy of movies. Piracy is illegal and we are increasing piracy of movies by our acts and deeds. So we have to stop preaching to others and start with our self.

Concluding remark

The Movie is Awesome and such a movie should be watched in Theatres so that you enjoy every bit of the movie. Watching this movie in the theatre can be treated, the second part of the movie is an absolute wonder. In the first part, you can get a bit bored with Bollywood music and songs unnecessary coming in.