Best Friend: Find out who can be your best friend for life?

Whenever we talk of ideals in our life we think of famous personalities and celebrities. As these personalities have achieved something in their life, we have these people as our ideologies, there is nothing harm in making them our ideologist but I want to argue on, why can’t a father be an ideal for his son or his daughter. 

As our father and mother are with us from our birth, they pamper us, take care of us, all these makes them pretty common and as time passess we take them for granted and start devaluing them for their deeds and time they spent with us.

However bad a person may be, but he cannot think bad for his son or daughter, as this is nature and this is how god made these reltionships. The only relationship in life which exist without give and take relation is father and mother  relation with their kids. They are the only person in thus damm world who actually care for you without expecting any favour in return.

The only best friend that exist for you in life is your Father and Mother.

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