The cost of being too good…

This article reflects some of the incidence that I faced in my life as I tried to be nice and humble to everyone. Being a introvert person I mostly mantain a distance from strangers thus because of this habbit I feel and care for the peoples that are close to me or are related to me. I always try to maintain a good and healthy relation with all the person I like, many a time I end up hiding their faults and mistakes. I try to be nice to my loved ones. As the headlines says the cost of being good, so after doing the above crime I have to pay a price of negligence by my loved ones and they take me for granted. At times I am quite troubled when my loved ones quarrels with each others and I am asked to give judgement on their issues, these are the instances where I felt that I should not have been present there. At most of the times I am betrayed by the people to whom I always stayed loyal and caring, all these triggers the bad boy in me but then my humble and kind personality don’t allow the bad traits to over their goodness.
So to give a suggestion that always helped me and some thing that I have learned over the time is that you should always hold firmly the truth and never let it be overcome by other traits of kindness and should never let the truth fade in the shades of pleasing others. The charachteristics of truth has always stayed with me and always helped me when at times no one was by my side, so I strongly suggest to hold truth in every aspect of life.


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